We work with smart entrepreneurs to build useful, beautiful products that impact people around the planet.

Established 2013
Projects 100+
Clients 35+
Bases 3
Team size 50+

DCCPER is your cofounder

Successful startups are built by smart people, that work well in teams. We’ve been in the trenches ourselves and we know what and whom it takes, to build successful companies.

When we work with you, we work as your experienced tech and design co-founder.

We have experience at seed and VC-funded startups that helps you focus on a core problem, stay within tight budgets and achieve traction and investor approval.

Our core beliefs

Attention to detail. But limit the details. We aren’t here to win design awards. To us, the best award is traction. We build and get useful products to market in time — by actively limiting scope, leveraging the right frameworks and obsessing over the most critical details.

Negative maintenance. Some people simply can’t deliver unless you follow up often; high-maintenance. Some people deliver well with the right inputs; zero-maintenance. But some people deliver irrespective of inputs; negative-maintenance.

You should know

  • Pronounced ‘deeper’.
  • DCCPER is an acronym for our approach to workflow and interaction design.
  • We do not have salesmen or account managers. No mad-men here. Just product people.
  • Our rates are about a quarter of comparable web studios in Canada, the US and the UK.
  • We operate in 3 timezones, and thus can deliver faster. Thank you, Global Delivery Model.
  • We are ALWAYS hiring. Join our team, or tell your designer and developer friends about us.
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